Mar 29

Travel woes and skin sagas from SFO to LHR

by Heidi

LondonIt’s amazing how your skin can be one way in one location and completely different in another. Case-in-point: our recent trip to London. After traveling thousands of miles, my combination/acne prone skin turned dry, flakey and acne free. London was not lacking moisture by any means (it rained daily) but my face felt parched.

Never before have I had the luxury of being able to slather on rich creams like Extra Nighttime Moisture and EGF Cream during the day without looking like a butterball. I have to admit I kind of liked being able to go a day without blotting and retouching my makeup but at the same time I knew going back to San Francisco could be a nightmare. My skin doesn’t adapt well to change, so like a fashionista with a full suitcase of clothes, I travel with skincare options galore. Thank goodness for our full line of DHC samples and minis to make packing easier.

When prepping for your next trip, think broader than your usual skincare routine because what works where you live may not work in different environmental conditions. So leave those impractical heels at home and save some room for your skincare options! Oily gals, pack some richer skincare products, just in case and dry gals, remember to bring layers: Olive Virgin Oil layers beautifully with all of our Intensive Moisturizers.

That’s all for now, Cheers!

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  1. Heidi H.

    Getting ready to travel so thanks so much for the tips! The thing I’m most confused about is the concept of layering. The only part of my face that’s dry & flaky is my chin so today I tried putting OVO over my day moisturizer & it really helped. What I’m wondering is what other moisturizers can be layered, especially since every part of my face is different?! And a special thanks 4 all the great make-up tips

    12 months ago Reply

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