Mar 20

Nature’s beauty

by Leslie

It may be spring almost everywhere in the nation, but for the weekend, this “girl about town” headed to the country—the still-wintry backcountry. One of my favorite pursuits is cross-country skiing. I love hearing the click of the boot snapping into the binding, pushing off into the forest, gliding peacefully among tall pines iced in white, surrounded by silence and the swoosh of my skis against the snow. I can spend hours on the trail, driven on by nature’s dramatic beauty and the hunger to see as much of it as I can. Confronted with the ongoing challenge of navigating rolling hills and dells, everything melts away as I focus on continually moving forward and keeping warm.

With the promise (threat?) of a late-winter/early-spring storm in the Sierras, on Saturday my boyfriend and I made a pilgrimage to Royal Gorge Cross Country Ski Resort, a cross-country ski paradise that claims to be the largest in North America. For two days we explored the trails.

On the trails, it’s a good idea to carry a small pack with enough essentials to pass hours outdoors without a stop back to the lodge: Food and water, sunscreen, cell phone, trail map and a dry pair of gloves. I cannot get over how the demanding exertion of skiing makes the simplest things a treat. At one point, where the trail ended and a storm picked up, we stopped in a bare-bones warming hut. We had our own supplies, but there was a kettle and Earl Grey for the weary. With wind whipping around us, a simple paper cup of hot tea was just what I needed to summon the drive to head back out into the snow.

While we’re talking about the joy of simple things, I found that the dry conditions were prime for the enriching hydration of Olive Virgin Oil. Each day after getting off the trails, I treated my chapped skin with this pure, elegant hydration.

And I’m not the only one who loves Olive Virgin Oil in the backcountry. I was so inspired by former Customer Spotlight Irene Lindquist, who regularly braves the wild of Alaska’s backcountry, and seeks respite for her skin with our signature moisturizer. Her video will make you want to hit the trails!

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