Mar 8

Dry lips and why not to use petroleum

by Heidi

LipCreamA friend of mine was having lip issues – a problem which I also suffer from: dryness and flaking. I asked to see what she was using and she handed over a pile of petroleum products including the worst offender petroleum jelly itself. Working in the skincare industry for a while now, I’ve gleaned more ingredient knowledge than the average person and if friends and family have an issue, they’re always coming to me for a solution.

Petroleum jelly is a household product that I grew up with and was advised to use but contrary to popular belief: petroleum does not moisturize. So what does petroleum do and why is it included in SO many of our lip products? To put it simply, petroleum creates a barrier that doesn’t allow anything in or out of the skin’s surface, including moisture. Petroleum cannot be absorbed through pores but it also doesn’t allow toxins to exit skin either. My point of all this is … if your lips are dry and you put a petroleum-based lip product on all you’re doing is slapping spackle on a cracked wall, which is not addressing the underlying problem.

In order to treat dry lips you need to attack the problem with nourishing ingredients that replenish lost moisture. DHC Lip Cream keeps lips moisturized and healthy-looking with emollient olive oil and skin softening ingredients like aloe and ginseng. Say goodbye to dry, flaky lips by stocking up on our customer favorite: DHC Lip Cream Duo, now on sale through 4/30/13!

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  1. Beeswax Wins

    Heidi, I agree with you 110% on this. Petroleum jelly is an aweful product and should never be considered for applying to you lips. There is even sourcing stating that is can cause cancer! :(
    I recommend beeswax as an alternative.

    9 months ago Reply
  2. Leslie

    Velvet Skin Coat is my favorite DHC product!

    1 year ago Reply
  3. Judy H.

    I have the driest most irritated lips in the world (I’m sure). I have used a myriad of treatments to alleviate the problem with no success. Does the lip cream have to be applied several times a day as other lip treatments require? Thanks!

    1 year ago Reply
    • Angela

      Hi Judy, I find that the Lip Cream lasts for several hours before I feel the need to reapply. Because you have such dry lips I would recommend doing some light and gentle exfoliation prior to applying the Lip Cream in the morning. I like to use a soft damp cloth and gently rub my lips with it to help smooth any dry flaky skin and then apply the cream.


      1 year ago Reply
  4. Meli

    I have used DHC for years. My favorites are Velvet Skin and Deep Cleansing Oil!!!! I refer all my family and friends to DHC!!!

    1 year ago Reply

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