Extra Night Time Moisture

DHC Customer Donna Phelan and her daughter, Monica

Do you remember the first time that your Mom showed you how to wash your face? How about the first time she let you wear lipstick? I remember the sharp, astringent scent of the first toner my mom taught me how to use. And I also remember the first piece of makeup that she bought me, a demure mascara. Now, I share skincare and makeup finds with her. Return the favor to Mom this Mother’s Day and shower her with beauty. We share our favorites for indulging Mom this Mother’s Day!

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It’s amazing how your skin can be one way in one location and completely different in another. Case in point: our recent trip to London. After traveling thousands of miles, my combination/acne prone skin turned dry, flakey and acne free. London was not lacking moisture by any means (it rained daily) but my face felt parched.

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It’s late January, and not surprisingly, my Facebook feed has been filled with screenshots of weather forecasts and tails of cold-weather auto failure from my friends in well, most of the country. Winter’s cold temps and dry air always wreak havoc on skin, but when temperatures are extreme, even the most robust can start to complain of sensitivity and flakes—and we’re not talking about snowflakes. Stop your complexion from becoming a wintry mess with these tips on how to properly moisturize dry skin.

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Brings winter skincare to whole new level


So THIS is what winter feels like. A Californian complaining about the cold probably won’t inspire a whole lot of sympathy from about 47 other states, but this unusually long and consistent cold streak we’re having is not only uncomfortable, it’s causing an all-out beauty crisis. Evidence:

• Skin—utter chaos
• Super-chapped lips
• Brittle hair
• Chalky, line-ridden hands
• Nails breaking – even with nail polish?

Yikes! As Nigel Tufnel might say, it’s time to turn it up to 11.

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One of the questions that we at DHC often hear–especially when we’re talking to other people about what we do–is, “Does all that skincare actually work??”

The answer is yes. Consistently taking the time to care for your skin is an investment that will reward you. This month is a perfect time to show yours some extra love: November is National Healthy Skin Month.

For tips on starting a skincare routine, check out my post here.

Keep reading for basic tips for healthy skin.

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