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Job Title: Beauty Consultant
Beauty Philosophy: Beauty should always be fun and never taken seriously. Above all, beauty should be an expression of individuality, unique and ever changing
Favorite DHC Products: Deep Cleansing Oil, Eye Treatment Essence Peptides, Velvet Skin Coat, Eye Wrinkle Stick, After Bath Hair Treatment Essence Peptides and Oil, all of our body products….
Beauty Icon: Never really thought about it, probably because they might want to nab me for an episode of What Not To Wear.
Personal Info: Married with three daughters ranging from 19 to 7 years old. Still love to sing and strum the steering wheel in the car. At any time you may catch me driving to work with rollers still in my hair (now that’s multi-tasking). Truly a free spirit, I try to incorporate fun in everything I do.
Education: some college (graphic arts), licensed esthetician
Extra info: Makeup has become an outlet for my artistic talent. My favorite occasion makeup includes weddings and high school dances (teen age daughters). My daughter’s friends get their brows and makeup done when they come to visit. What’s great is that the girls get beauty services and I get fresh faces on which to create masterpieces! J
My job at DHC: What’s not to like? I get to talk (a favorite pastime of mine) about beauty products all day. I can’t think of anything better. I get the joy of speaking with customers in detail about their beauty routines and recommend products to help them reach their skin care goals. Fun, but a bit nerve racking because I understand the importance of putting your best face forward. The greatest reward comes when I get to speak with a customer who I have recommended products to who is pleased with their results.

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During a consultation, I tend to throw around words which I’ve become comfortable with, assuming that the person on the other end is following my technical babble. Multitudes of articles have been written on subjects like antioxidants, pH of the skin, free radicals, brightening products, natural ingredients, etc. The list is endless, and for women who want to keep their routine simple yet effective, this becomes more confusing than useful.

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I spoke with a new customer the other day about her skin and she proceeded to tell me that she had done several microdermabrasion treatments and in addition, consistent use of an alpha hydroxy acid product. Talk about a whole lot of exfoliation! Whew! She has been left with hyper sensitive skin and is struggling to find products which moisturize effectively without irritating her compromised skin. The consultation we had inspired me to pass on this tid bit of information to all of you ladies who are trying to undo previous damage and erase fine lines by way of exfoliation

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This blog is dedicated to the girls who embrace the joys of being a girl and yet never forget their tomboy roots.

I grew up with an older brother and so I did all the things an appropriate playmate would. I helped build bike ramps and Lego ® villages. I was forever nursing bumps and bruises inflicted during adventurous tree climbing expeditions and deep woods fort building. But wait….I was also a majorette and eventually spent time doing a little cheerleading.

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Okay ladies! Back to the drawing board. In an effort to streamline our skin care routines and make sense of the arsenal of products we own, we need guidance and understanding on how they work. I previously shared a blog with you in which I explained the importance of proper cleansing. So now you know why the Deep Cleansing Oil is a great cleanser for oily buildup, makeup, and cluttered pores. So what’s the deal with the second step that we recommend? Here’s the skinny…. Deep Cleansing Oil tackles “gooey” build up.

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My fellow blogger Leslie refers to these products as “Hidden Gems.” I couldn’t agree more. There is nothing more satisfying to us consumers than to feel like we are getting away with a real steal. I must admit that after reading the impressive ingredient list for the Water Base Moisture, I was perplexed as to why it was so inexpensive?! Is that not the craziest thing you ever heard? I mean, really, wonder why a product is too affordable? But that is very true of the Water Base Moisture.

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